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Thursday, January 29, 2009

MadHouse - Darts Scoring System

Here's an interesting bit of software that I found that is said to work on mobile phones. I have not tried it, but I'm very interested in hearing from anyone who has tried it!

MadHouse - Darts Scoring System

For Mobile Phones


Utilise the convenience of a mobile phone to keep score of your favourite darts games in real time.

This application provides scoreboards for a wide range of darts variations, most of which would be difficult to play in your local games room. NO CHALK REQUIRED! 3inabed darts website.


Phill said...

I'm Phill I developed Mad House. Mad House is indeed a dart scoring application for your mobile. It offers the standard x01 game for two players to keep score, it also keeps your single dart average, games won and suggests possible finishes when you are below 170. Mad House can also keep score on five other games for upto 4 players! The best thing about it is it does the job of those expensive wall mounted electronic scoreboards and more! plus you can take it anywhere. We are currently selling MadHouse for under $10! For more information you can visit our website at, the application is also selling on the following darts retailers; dartscorner, a180, big river darts and the 3inabed site you mentioned. More retailers are taking up our product every week, so look out for it on your dart suppliers site! I have had only good feedback from our customers, and we are working on Mad House 2 which will offer even more!

Dart Talk said...

Hello Phill,
If you would like to more about your software - post third party reviews, pass along update info - just click on the "View My Complete Profile" and email me.

Rags said...

Is this by chance still around? The link appears to have gone 404.

Dart Talk said...

Hello Rags,
I had a look about on the site and came up empty as well. Maybe someone will see this and give us an update on what's happening with this software.

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