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Friday, January 23, 2009

Huntington duo take darts pairs final

HUNTINGTON pair Dave O’Hara and Tracey Farmeary are the new John Smith’s Mixed League Pairs champions.

O’Hara and Farmeary first took out Cueball’s pairing of Steve Wade (180) and Michelle Britton, whose doubles let them down.

They then beat team-mates Angie Hields and John Miller in the final.

The Bind Mixed Pairs went to Edinburgh’s Jim Hawksby and Tramways’ Flossy Crampton.

Angie Hields picked up the ladies’ individual title. The men’s individual title went to Cueball’s Martyn Turner (180 for 13 darts).

The ladies’ player-of-the-night award went to Flossy Crampton and the men’s accolade went to Turner.

Cueball took the league title, with Huntington in runners-up spot.

8:52am Friday 23rd January 2009
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