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Sunday, January 25, 2009

What is the Patriot Dart League?

The league (PDL) was formed for the players. Existing leagues did not put enough effort into providing for the players so we formed our own league.

The PDL is dedicated to providing a venue for playing dart where the matches are easy to get to. Driving distances to matches need to be kept to a minimum.

The PDL is dedicated to providing recognition for players. The PDL gives out a high percentage of awards to its membership.

The PDL, like any other organization, needs to be dependable. This means that shirts, awards, and events need to be presented in a timely manner. It is the habit of the PDL to provide these items approximately three weeks after the end of the playoffs at an awards event.

This is the post that got me post something the PDL:
zeeple wrote:
Hi all, I am thinking about trying to put together a very informal singles league in the Seattle area and as for the format I am thinking about mimicking the Premier league. Can anyone point me to an online resource that details what games they play, how many legs per set, umber of setss, etc?

When I was out there this week I spoke at length regarding this with Mike Baxter. Our PDSL format here in the Northeast a great one IMHO. We play 501 exclusively best three out of five is a set and best three of five sets is a match. Which gives you a max of twenty five legs a night which is doable for most folks and a minimum of nine legs which enough darts to be a fun night out even if you get wiped out. We keep track of all darts thrown each leg and transfer that to an online data base. For that mater you could start the first west coast bracket of the PDSL. As all stats are kept on line anyway. All you need is six players one of which owns a computer. Come on board
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