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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vicksburg resident Johnny Upton - ADO Nationals

Vicksburg resident Johnny Upton will compete in the American Darts Organization national championship in Las Vegas.

It just didn’t feel like Johnny Upton’s day.

The darts he could usually put where he wanted felt wrong coming out of his hand. His concentration

didn’t seem to be what it needed to. And yet, after hours of tossing darts at the board about eight

feet away, he was still playing.

On into the night, as fatigue started to set in, he was still playing. And finally, almost 12 hours

and 100 games after he started, Upton couldn’t play any more. There was no one left to beat.

Upton, a 60-year-old Vicksburg resident, survived the grueling American Darts Organization’s regional

tournament in November. His prize is a second trip in three years to Las Vegas for the ADO’s national tournament on Jan. 23. (full article...)

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