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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is darts really a sport?

Giles Smith and Patrick Kidd

Yes, says Giles Smith

Of course it's a sport. Those of us who settled with our consciences on this matter a long time ago have moved on to a whole different discussion. What we are wondering is whether darts might be an art.

Describing Phil “The Power” Taylor the other night, Sid Waddell, the Voice of Darts, said: “Like Picasso with a piece of tungsten.” Well, possibly. At his best. (Picasso's, I mean.) But that debate goes on.

As for the other business - no problem. And if we have nothing but confidence in calling darts a sport, then it's with reason. Things are sport because enough people choose to call them sport - to think of them that way and discuss them as such. To that extent, calling darts a sport is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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