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Friday, January 23, 2009

Evolution Darts

Charis writes "The company Evolution Darts is established in a small swabian town near Stuttgart in Southern Germany. It predominantly produces soft-darts but you can get all designs as steel-darts as well or can asked them to produce you a dart to your own wishes.

That I did found them was more by chance. One day a car with the web address passed me and of course I got curious. First I only intended to ask for some darts to test but then I decided it would be even more interesting to have a look at the company. And Mr.Kühn, the owner with pleasure offered me to show me around.
The company works mainly with part time employees, beside Mr.Kühn no one was there when I arrived in the morning and the machines didn’t work either but Mr.Kühn explained everything to me. (full SEWA- article link...)

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