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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Horizon Darts Crew - BE A DART STAR!!!

TerryM writes "BE A DART STAR!!!

Would you like to be featured on a major dart web site or dart publication??? As usual, the girls from Horizon/Laserdarts (Terry and Melody) will be attending several tournaments around the country in 2009. At four of these tournaments, we will be selling tickets for the ADO Youth Scholarship Fund. Tickets will be $1.00 and ALL proceeds will go to the ADO Youth Dart Fund. Watch Horizon’s ads in BEN and the Double Eagle early 2009 announcing the tournaments where this will happen. The first tournament will be Virginia Beach in March.

Each ticket bought will qualify the purchaser for a drawing. At each tournament, we will draw one man and one woman to be featured on the Horizon Darts web site and announced in our ads in Bull’s Eye News and the ADO Double Eagle. You will get a chance to tell a little bit about yourself and your accomplishments in darts. The winner will also receive a $20.00 gift certificate to use toward a purchase through Horizon Darts.

If, by chance, the same person is drawn at more than one tournament, that person will get a “Special Acknowledgement” for helping sponsor the ADO Youth players and a $20.00 gift certificate and another player will be drawn for the opportunity to tell their story.

So, keep an eye out for Terry and Melody, (we'll be wearing Horizon Darts or Laserdarts billboard dart shirts). Buy your tickets and show your support for our upcoming pros!!

Thanks for your support!!!
The Horizon Darts Crew
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