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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ballymoney Times Dart League

Results Friday 23 January - League week 13
Royal British Legion 1 v 6 Joeys Bar 3
Ballymoney Social Club 1 v 6 Double top
Kellys Flights 1 v 6 N Irish Horse
Joeys Bar 6 v 1 Imperial Bar
Ma Kellys v Bye
High scores:
R Dunlop 4x100-2x140-133
A Martin 3x100-140-125-115
S Moore 140
G Park 3x100
B Gillen 2x140-121-100
G Martin 2x100-125
G Dunlop 2x100-140-130-125
R Blair 121
P Fulton 140-100
A Hanna 3x100-140-135
I McVicker 2x100
R Adair 4x100
C McCaw 4x100-125-121
J Craig 180-140-100
K Oliver 135-100
D Woods 4x100
J Woods 3x100
D Neill 2x100-135-125
R McLernon 2x100-121
B Carson 136
G McAuley 3x100
G Neill 2x100
W Glass 100
M Hamilton 2x100-135
D Ramage 2x100-140-123-121
M McConaghy 140
A Nicholl 100
J McCook 100
P Strickland 5x100-140
W Culbertson 100
S Campbell 133
E O'Neill 180-4x100-125
J Campbell 3x100-120-114
A Archibald 4x100-140-139-125-116
A Craig 135
D Gage 2x100
N Shannon 2x100-101
J Watt 3x100-135-112
A McErlain 2x100-140
W McKendry 140
P Kelly 9x100-140-120
K Clark 160
T Campbell 133-121-111
T McDonald 121-120-100
D McDonald 6x100-140
F McMullan 137-100
S McLean 3x100
R Movell 2x100-134
J Merritt 140-100
A McCosh 2x140-2x100-130

Friday 30 January - Angus Elder Memorial Shield
The Angus Elder Memorial Shield will be played this Friday in Joeys Bar.
This is a seven person team event and team captains are asked to register their team for 8.45pm.
If not registered in time you will not be playing in the event. You have been warned.

Saturday 31 January - Area 6 (IND)
The area 6 (IND) will be held in the Ballymoney Social Club on Saturday 31 January.
Players are asked to register for 12.30 midday so we can start at 1pm sharp.
Please make this event as good as last year when we had a very high entry and a high standard of darts.
Daryl Gurney who got through two rounds on TV of the Embassy World Championship and lost out to Martin Adams in the last 16 will be present.
Anyone under 18 years can enter the youth competition.

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