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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Smoking Ban... Seattle

"Another theory going around is that competitor bars are calling on each other."

The Eagles and the Pickled Onion report that since the ban took effect, business is down.

"We're a big dart bar, and for a lot of the players, coming in to smoke, drink and play darts is an important social outlet," Erskine said. "I hear a lot of the players saying now that if they can't smoke, they see no point in shooting darts."
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California has had a smoking ban in place for some time now. Some venues now have a smoking area (covered outside patio), but at most places you will find smokers clustered around the front or back door. Many of our players that smoke have adjusted to the reality, but it does present problems when the darts area is a long way for the smoking area. post...

BDO Player's Forum on the UK Smoking Ban

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Rags said...

The same issues have plagued our home town. They use junk science to support their agenda. For every scientific report that proves second hand smoke is harmful, there is another report that proves it does not. They choose the one that suits their position.

For every statistic that shows a city with a smoking ban now has less heart attacks per year, there are even more that show cities with a smoking ban reporting heart attacks on the rise.

They pick and choose the ones they want to use, and often pick and choose who can attend the council meetings to voice their opinions. Rarely are bars and private clubs on that list, and if they are they're outnumbered by citizens who already work and socialize in a non smoking environment.

North Dallas bars and clubs that have supported darts for years have had to move, open up new locations outside the boundaries or close due to the ban running off not only the dart players but regular patrons.

These are establishments that have a right to cater to whatever crowd the choose, and have had that right taken away. The environment is for socializing, and smokers can no longer socialize in public places. A right they're entitled to as well.

A fellow dart player put it to me best when I asked him, "as a non smoker will you still be attending darts events in the towns where the smoking ban takes effect?" He replied, "I cant stand the smell of smoke but I cant stand playing darts in an empty bar either".

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