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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Smoking Ban... Seattle

"Another theory going around is that competitor bars are calling on each other."

The Eagles and the Pickled Onion report that since the ban took effect, business is down.

"We're a big dart bar, and for a lot of the players, coming in to smoke, drink and play darts is an important social outlet," Erskine said. "I hear a lot of the players saying now that if they can't smoke, they see no point in shooting darts."
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California has had a smoking ban in place for some time now. Some venues now have a smoking area (covered outside patio), but at most places you will find smokers clustered around the front or back door. Many of our players that smoke have adjusted to the reality, but it does present problems when the darts area is a long way for the smoking area. post...

BDO Player's Forum on the UK Smoking Ban
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