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Monday, January 19, 2009

Black Stallions win SEDA Masters crown

Monday, 19 January 2009 00:00 By Emmanuel T. Erediano - Variety News Staff
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OLEAI Black Stallions brought home trophies yesterday as they won the Masters’ League of this season’s Saipan Electronic Dart Association championship.

Each seven-man team received their awards during the banquet at the Charley Cabaret in Pacific Island Club.

The Black Stallions are Jerry Zapanta, Noel Montalbo, Warlee Ellama, Jun Olita, Gerry Galsote, Robert Valdez and Jun Lapeciros.

Oleai Heavy Bombers won the Budlight Cup at the Oleai Beach Bar & Grill recently. They are Sadiri Martin, Roy Tereyama, Ramsa Tenepere, Greg Sasamoto, Avel Villafuerte, Jhun Lambon and Allan Arcegal.

Black Stallion’s Olita was the tournament’s most valuable player with a total assists and wins of 56.

Sportsmanship award went to VFW Chubby Wockeez composed of Mel Pangelinan, Ed Diaz, Charlie Peters, Bill Santos, Lino Ibis and Ed Gabito.

Gabito got the high-in of 160 while Oleai D’ Companeros’s Will Cuesta captured the high-out of 154.

In the A League, Utopia 4 Corners led by Gabito won the first place.

D’ Pirates’ D’Destroyers led by Bong Dizon got the second place and the VFW Major Leaks led by Bernard Santos settled for the third.

In this division, D’Destroyers also won the Budlight Cup while the Vargas Snipers won the sportsmanship award.

Pam Ybañez was the MVP with wins & assist of 49, while Gig Gatmaitan got the high-in of 160 points and John Tenorio, the high-out of 140 points.

Krystal 80 Proofers led by Darol Tudela topped the Tuesday B League, trailed by Johnny’s Fujin led by Agnes Tereyama.

Primo’s Payday Time led by Ray Iglecias settled for third.

Fujin won the Budlight Cup in this league, while Johnny’s Samurai led by Koji Takeda got the sportsmanship award. (source link...)

SEDA recognizes season's finest

By Roselyn Monroyo

The Oleai Black Stallions claim their championship trophies in the Masters League during the awards banquet for the 2008 season of the Saipan Electronic Darts Association Sunday at Charley's Cabaret at the Pacific Islands Club. (Roselyn B. Monroyo) The Saipan Electronic Darts Association capped its 2008 season with an awards banquet held at Charley's Cabaret at the Pacific Islands Club.

SEDA handed out trophies and plaques to individuals and teams that stood out in last season's Masters League, A League, Tuesday B, Thursday B, C League, Ladies, and the Bud Cup.

Oleai swept the Masters League with the Black Stallions finishing first, followed by D'Companeros, and the Heavy Bombers.

The champion team is composed of MVP Jun Olita, Jerry Zapanta, Noel Montalbo, Warlee Ellama, Gerry Galsote, Robert Valdez, and Jun Lapeciros.

The Bombers took the Bud Cup title, while VFW Chubby Wockees claimed the Sportsmanship Award.

In the A League, the Top 3 placers were the Utopia R Corners, D'Pirates Destroyers, and the VFW Major Leaks. Pam Ybanez of the Destroyers notched the MVP honor, while his team topped the Bud Cup. The Vargas Snipers went home with the Sportsmanship trophy.

Tuesday B League had the Krystal 80 Proofers as champions, followed by Jonny's Fujin and Primo's Payday Time. Fujin secured the Bud Cup, while Jonny's Samurai were awarded with the Sportsmanship trophy. Erwin Aragon of the Proofers was adjudged MVP.

Len's Lights Out dominated the Thursday B League defeating runners-up Utopia Hot Shots, Primo's Warriors, and Coral Reef Barracuda.

The Hot Shots' Romuel Chavez secured the MVP plum, while Oleai Get'er Done took the Sportsmanship trophy.

The Top 4 finishers in the C League were Naked Fish Unagas, Coral Reef Barracuda, Naked Fish Hafa Mas, and Jonny's ADH.

Besides winning the championship in the C League, Unagas also notched the Bud Cup. Tito Laniyo of Barracuda was named MVP, while Coral Reef Shark Attack went home with the Sportsmanship Award.

The Naked Fish Naked Shooters topped the Ladies Division, finishing ahead of Oleai D-52's and Coral Reef Sting Rays.

Rufina Guevarra of Oleai won the MVP trophy and her team hoisted the Bud Cup. Coral Reef Mermaids were awarded the Sportsmanship trophy.

Organizers also handed trophies to players who prevailed in the high-in and high-out in various leagues.

A plaque of appreciation was then presented to MARPAC, which was represented by Jojo Camacho and Mel Tenorio at the awards banquet.

Camacho assured SEDA and its players that despite the economic problems we are facing today, MARPAC will continue to support SEDA's tournaments.
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