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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Eric Bristow attacks darts for lack of personality

The Crafty Cockney says that standards are as high as they have ever been - but bemoans the absence of true characters

Does darts matter? It is, after all, the sport of chicken-in-a-basket and the Life on Mars mentality. “Posh people at the top,” Eric Bristow said when asked why some people frown upon it. “The TV people say we're not a sport and then they put synchronised swimming on. What's that all about?”

Darts matters to an awful lot of people. It is big business, with about £6million in prize-money up for grabs next year and sell-out crowds around the country. Bristow is “arrers” royalty, a five-times world champion with trenchant views on his sport's worth. “They've always knocked darts,” he said in the upstairs room of a pub in the East End of London. “They knocked us off the TV and now they're begging us back because we get the viewing figures. (full article...)
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