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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ZOO Takes On Darts Champ!

John Part

John Part talks being evil, pub grub and being a maths whizz...

You're the most successful North American darts player ever. What sort of VIP treatment does that get you back home?
None! Darts in North America is pretty much a cultish thing - people that are into it are obsessed, but most of the general public have a hard time even watching.

Do you ever get jealous of the notoriety some of the Brit players get up and down the country?
No, I prefer being able to enjoy a good pub meal without being hassled!

They call you "Darth Maple". Where does that nickname come from?
It's more because of my symbol than anything to do with me. I have a black maple leaf on my dart and I sometimes have one on my shirt, so that's where Darth Maple comes from. I thought it was pretty cool because you've got "dart" then you add the "h" - and suddenly you're evil.

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