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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Copper's shot at glory

CHARLES LOSPER killed a man last week — and is waiting to discover the consequences while he fights for darts glory.

Losper is in the armed response unit of the Cape Town Police.

He was forced to shoot down a suspect when caught up in a an armed robbery ahead of his trip to England.

The South African retaliated after his colleague was shot dead outside a supermarket eight days ago.

Losper has been suspended and it is possible he could lose his job over the incident.

Stunned colleagues handed him a lucky charm to help Losper through a difficult mental battle as he decided to go ahead and play at the World Championship — so now he ties the cuddly Springbok to his belt.

Losper, 39, put his problems behind him at Alexandra Palace yesterday to send down opponent Sudesh Fitzgerald 6-4 in a preliminary round match.

He said: “Three days before I got here one of my colleagues was shot in front of me and died.

“We had to shoot back and unfortunately I fatally wounded one of the suspects. It’s a very tricky job. The armed raid was on a supermarket in Cape Town.

“I can lose my job if I’m found guilty of negligence but it is unlikely. It was part of my duty. I retaliated.
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