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Monday, December 29, 2008

PDC World Darts Championship - Second Round - Monday World Darts Championship
Second Round - Monday
Adrian Lewis 3-4 Paul Nicholson
Dennis Priestley 4-1 John MaGowan
Colin Osborne 1-4 Vincent van der Voort
(full results)
Evening Session
James Wade 4-1 Tony Eccles
Third Round
Phil Taylor 4-1 Kevin Painter
Barrie Bates 4-0 Mark Dudbridge
(full listing...)

PDC World Championship will be streaming live.,,12598,00.html

This is a list of streams that you can check. NOT all of them are active, but at least you have a place to start your search...

Some require that you register, and some don't...
for you will need to go to and sign up....
you can't use a United States address... and download live tv sports
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