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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Indexing a trader's pay potential

... or the stupid things people study
I wonder if it really matters in one's success at winning dart matches? When I first read the article I thought why would anyone care, and is that something you can tactfully checkout? Then darts came to mind. If index finger length was a predictor of a dart player's winning potential one could pick the best partner at a glance, or which player to wager on in the next major dart tournament. I wonder who finger length is longer.... Phil Taylor or Ted Hankey? Show us you index fingers!

Indexing a trader's pay potential
Posted: January 13, 2009, 8:19 AM by DrewHasselback

A new study shows that the longer it is, the more money a trader makes.

We are, of course, making reference to a trader's index finger ... what did you think we were refering to?

A British study of 44 stock traders found that traders with a longer index finger earned an average pay of about US$1-million, while those with a shorter finger earned less than US$100,000.

Washington Post
- Jan 12, 2009
- 16 hours ago
12 (HealthDay News) -- For all those whose ring finger far outstretches their index finger, British researchers have pinpointed the perfect job: high-volume ...
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