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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Phil Taylor vows to carry on winning darts titles into his '50s

Among the darts fraternity, Phil 'The Power' Taylor has a reputation for namedropping like most people sprinkle milk on their cornflakes.

Sky Sports commentators and spotters used to run a sweepstake on how often Taylor would mention fellow Port Vale fan Robbie Williams or boxer Ricky Hatton in an interview.

But after nailing a staggering 14th world title at the age of 48, Taylor will soon be forced to accept that he is a star in his own right - and that no other sportsman from these shores has ever turned himself into such an ultimate winning machine. (full article...)

Phil Taylor is without peers when it comes to longevity
Times Online, UK - Jan 4, 2009
Four years ago, Phil Taylor admitted to not being the player he once was, but today it is difficult to imagine how much better he can become. ...
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