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Monday, January 05, 2009

Conversation with Bill Davis

Charis writes ( "Should you like me sit here in the press tent of the PDC World Championship totally undreamt chances will disclose for you. You only have to snip your fingers and—there you are—the player you wish to see appears in front of you.

Well, it not really happens like this, snipping the fingers will not work you better ask Dave Allen and of course it might not work at all, not before a match and not after a match should the player not want to appear.

And of course do you intend a proper interview you should better be prepared for it. In this case that was more my problem, it was a rather spontaneous idea to try the finger snipping part and as I somehow had no idea the schedule had changed I didn’t have the time to prepare. That´s why I don´t dare to call it an interview, too many questions you all might be interested in will not be answered, I call it a conversation. (full interview...)

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