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Monday, January 05, 2009

World Championship - And at the end statistics and Phil Taylor exclusive

Charis writes "It’s my last day at the Ally Pally for this time, but I don’t complain. There are not many people who can pass two times three days here…It’s really a great atmosphere and I did see a lot of great matches and some real surprises.

Today I took advantage of this situation and asked Dave Allen for some statistical details.

This year 2500 spectators could squeeze into Ally Pally, that’s some more then last year as the PDC has installed another stand at the side of the venue. In total there are more spectators here then last year and more tickets were sold in advance. But none of the days was totally sold out, not even the semi-finals and the final.

250 people work here during the world championship; half is from the PDC, the other half from the Ally Pally. (full article...)

The tournament is televised live in the UK, in Germany, Holland, Hungary, India and Saudi-Arabia. 15 countries bought a highlight package that will be televised at another time of the year.

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