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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

There are new uniblog entries 1-6-08

Malice at the Palace
Posted by Paul Seigel04/01/2009 20:00:00

Last night, between re-reading and my mortification at all the typographical errors in yesterday’s furiously written column about the semi-finals and trying to find a good kebab, I had a chance to do more than just admire the photographs of Helen Chamberlain and Juicy Lucy in the first issue of the ...... Read full uniBlog

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The 2009 World Championship – Semi Finals
Posted by Paul Seigel04/01/2009

There is a scene in David Nobbs’ Cupid’s Dart (Arrow Books, 2008) where Oxford philosophy professor Alan Calcutt happens upon the World Darts Championship on television. He’s recently hooked up with darts groupie, Angie Bedwell, half his age and is anticipating an upcoming date where together they w...... Read full uniBlog

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