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Saturday, July 31, 2010

2nd round Ronnie Baxter v Wes Newton partial match review

leg 13
Baxter extends his lead 8-5

leg 14
Newton opens with a 180, 177 and needs 144, 9 Darter here?? but score 87.
Newton needs 57 and hits s17, d20
Newton pulls one back.
Baxter 8-6

leg 15
Baxter is scoring well and is on 167 and look for a big score. Leaves 67.
Newton is a long way back
Baxtet leaves 40
Nexton gets it down to 46 left.
Baxter takes the leg.
Baxter 9-6

leg 16
Newton's 180 leaves 164, but he already has the darts and the scoring advantage.
from 86 newton leaves 32
Newton only needs one dart to take the leg.
Baxter 9-7

leg 17
Newton is scoring well and looking to take the scoring advantage from Baxter.
Baxter on 201 Newton shooting 136
Newton needs 40 and gets it
Baxter 9-8

leg 18
Newton opens with 140, 180, 140 to leave 41.
Baxter 225
Newton takes the leg.
all level 9-9

leg 19
Baxter to throw first.
Ragged start for both players in this leg.
Baxter is only just holding his scoring advantage and should see a double first.Baxter needs 94 but leaves 20.
Newton for 146 leaves 103
Baxter comes to the oche to take the leg and the match.
Baxter 10-9

Newton made a strong push in the finals legs, but in the last leg he could not take advantage when Baxter could not seem to hit the big scores.

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