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Friday, July 23, 2010

Kevin Painter, Phil Taylor, at the break, World Matchplay 7-23-10


leg 6
Avg so far Taylor 108, Painter 95
Taylor holds his throw.
Taylor 5-1

leg 7
Taylor seems to be on cruise control.
Taylor 6-1

leg 8
Taylor 180 to leave 181
Taylor misses 2 at d16 with Painter on 121.
Painter can't set it up to have a look at the double.
Taylor comes back to the oche to take the leg.
Painters average is improving, but he still has the look of a beaten man.
Taylor 7-1

leg 9
Taylor has take the scoring advantage and will have first shot at the double.
Taylor takes the leg.
Taylor 8-1

leg 10
Taylor finishes 106 with Painter on 86.
Painter needs to find the will to fight back!
The Star Trek fans out there should be calling him "The Borg" instead of "The Power", because "resistance is futile..."
Taylor 9-1

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