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Thursday, July 29, 2010

klaasen 6-4 van der Voort final - Euro darts champ 2010

Klaasen to throw first
Klassen 140, 40, 80, 40, 121
van der vort 140, 41, 140, 60,
van der voort on 120 leaves 40
Klaasen on 80 leaves 40
van der Voort takes the leg
van der Voort 1-0

leg 2
Eratic scoring by both of these quick throwing darters
Vincent 1st shot at the double can't finish
Klaasen can't finish
van der Voort takes the leg
van der Voort 2-0

leg 3
More erratic scoring.
Klaasen takes the leg
van der Voort 2-1

leg 4
leg to van der Voort
van der Voort 3-1

leg 5
Klaasen takes the leg
van der Voort 3-2

leg 6
Good finishing be Klaasen to take the leg
all level at 3-3

leg 7
Commentators mention these to are taking an avg of 2 min a leg even with rather pedestrian scoring.
leg to Klaasen
Klaasen 4-3

leg 8
van der Voort holds his throw
all level 4-4

leg 9
Scoring in this match continues to be very erratic.
Klaasen takes the leg
Klaasen 5-4

leg 10
Klaasen takes the leg and the match.
Klaasen 6-4

I'm sure that has to be a record for the least amount of time required to complete 10 legs on TV. Wonder what was the elapsed time for that match.

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