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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Euro #Darts Championships - Taylor 6-2 Stompe

Taylor to throw first
Taylor scores well including a 180 and takes the leg.
Taylor 1-0

leg 2
Stompe is scoring strong in this leg including a l80.
Stompe takes the leg
all level 1-1

leg 3
177, 140, 100
Stompe hits a 180 to keep it close
Taylor leaves  84
Taylor leave 24
Stompe leaves 24 from 161
Taylor comes back to take the leg
Taylor 2-1

leg 4
Taylor 180 to leave 121
Taylor leaves 28
Taylor hits d14 on 3rd dart to take the leg
Taylor 3-1

leg 5
Strong scoring by Taylor in this leg
Stompe 180 to leave 94 with Taylor on 81
Stompe breaks Taylor's throw for the leg.
Taylor 3-2

leg 6
Stompe scoring well to maintain a slight scoring advantage.
Stompe shoots at 84 with Taylor on 12l and leave 25
Taylor leaves 64
Stompe leaves 2
Taylor takes the leg to break back.
Taylor 4-2

leg 7
strong opening scores by Taylor early in the leg while Stompe seems to have lost his fire.
Taylor shooting at 108 leaves 32
Stompe is not on a finish.
Taylor takes the leg
Taylor 5-2

leg 8
Stompe 180 to leave 278
Taylor not scoring his best.
Stompe 140 t0 leave 138
Taylor 180 to leave 205
Stompe leaves 51
Stompe leaves 20
Taylor from 145 leaves 41
Stompe misses 3 at the double
Taylor takes the leg and the match
Taylor 6-2

Crucial missed doubles were the key in this match for Stompe. He had real chances to stay on par with Taylor, but Taylor did not miss many opportunities when he was presented with them.

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