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Saturday, July 31, 2010

#darts Wayne Jones v Robert Thornton - the match so far -

leg 6
Thornton to throw first
Jones 180 to leave 81, and Thornton is a ways back.
Jones leaves 32
Jones takes the leg
Jones 5-1

leg 7
Not strong scoring in this leg by both players, but Jones has first look at a double.
Jones has one at d18 and misses.
Thornton could not get in finishing range.
Jones takes out the d18
Jones 6-1

leg 8
Thornton is able to hold his throw.
Jones 6-2

leg 9
Thornton should get first look at a double, but leaves 60
Jones cant finish 95 leaving 32.
Thornton comes up to take the leg.
Jones 6-3

leg 10
Level scoring by these players in this leg and Thornton is only just holding his scoring advantage.
Thornton leaves 84.
Jones leaves 56
Thornton leaves 12
Jones takes the leg.
Jones 7-3
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