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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Euro #Darts Championships - Bates 6-3 King

legs 1-3
Bate starts the match throwing first and goes 2 legs clear, and has the throw in the 3rd leg.
Bates continues his scoring pace and takes the leg.
Bates 3-0

leg 4
Bates in on a roll and has taken another leg
Bates 4-0

leg 5
Both players are scoring equally well in this leg.
Bates gets first look at a double and takes the leg.
Bates 5-0

leg 6
2nd 180 of the match for Bates
King answers with one of his own to set himself up to take his first leg of the match.
Bates 5-1

leg 7
Kings has hit his stride and is scoring well.
King gets first look at the double and hits it.
Bates 5-2

leg 8
King hits his 3 180 of the match, and sets himself up to see the double first.
Leg to King 3 straight for King
Bates 5-3

leg 9
King scoring well in this leg and has first shot at a double but misses.
King had 3 darts to win the leg, but makes a mess on it.
Bates comes back to the oche and takes the leg.
Bates 6-3
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