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Thursday, July 22, 2010

#darts World Matchplay Round 2 Painter 8-7 Walsh at the break

leg 11
Both players avg about 90 at this point in the match.
Painter takes the leg against the throw.
Painter 6-5

leg 12
Painter takes the leg
Painter 7-5

leg 13
With Walsh on 106 Painter hits a 180 to leave 28.
Walsh missing the d16 can't finish to 106, and Painter goes s14, d7 to take the leg.
Painter 8-5

leg 14
With Painter on 95 Walsh need 161, but shoots t20, t17 and misses bull by a mile and hits s19.
Painter misses the d20 and Walsh takes the leg.
Painter 8-6

leg 15
Walsh starts the leg 180, 60, 100
Painter sneaks in a 180 of his own.
Walsh again leaves himself 161, but again misses the bull by a mile.
Painter is also on 161, but can't find the triple.
Walsh comes back to tidy it up and take the leg.
Painter 8-7

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