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Friday, July 23, 2010

Kevin Painter 4-1 Phil Taylor, at the break, World Matchplay 7-23-10

Painter to throw first
Painter is not scoring well, and Taylor comes out strong and throws in a 180 for good measure. Taylor gets to the double first, and takes the leg.
Taylor 1-0

leg 2
Taylor continues to score well, and should get first shot at a double.
Taylor can't finish 76, and Painter fails to finish 116. Taylor back to the line and takes the leg.
Taylor 2-0

leg 3
180 from Taylor to leave 261 and take the advantage in the leg. 140 by Painter to leave 90. Next turn Painter shoots s20, s20 bull to take the leg.
Taylor 2-1

leg 4
Taylor holds his throw and takes the leg
Taylor 3-1

leg 5
Taylor has very good scoring, and steals the leg from Painter.
Taylor 4-1

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