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Thursday, July 22, 2010

#darts World Matchplay Round 2 Painter 1-4 Walsh at the break

Walsh to throw first
Strong scoring by both players so far.
Walsh misses his target to give Painter a chance at it.
Painter does not do it, and Walsh holds his throw.
Walsh 1-0

leg 2
Walsh 180 to leave 81, and on his next turn breaks Painter's throw.
Walsh 2-0

leg 3
neither player's scoring is blazzing out of the gates in this leg.
Walsh 130 to leave 75, and Paint is on 211. Walsh leaves 20, and Painter is on 76.
Walsh leaves 10
Painter w/76; s20, s16, d20
Painter takes the leg against the throw.
Walsh 2-1

leg 4
Walsh breaks back.
Walsh 3-1

leg 5
Walsh ave 103 at this point in the match
Painter avg 86 at this point in the match
Walsh takes the leg.
Walsh 4-1

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