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Friday, July 30, 2010

Roith v Ovens match summary #darts

legs 1-3
Roith takes the first two legs.
In the 3rd leg a 180 sets ovens up for first shot at the double.
Ovens takes the leg.
Roith 2-1

leg 4
not the best scoring by both players, but Ovens gets first look at a double.
Ovens misses 3 a d20
Roith at 58; s18, miss, miss
Ovens takes the leg.
all level 2-2

leg 5
Avg so far
Ovens 83
Roith 78
no outstanding scoring by either player in this leg.
Ovens on 120 leaves 40
Roith on 152 takes it out.
Roith 3-2

leg 6
With 116 Ovens on 56 and leaves 18
Roith leaves 16
Ovens takes the leg
all level 3-3

leg 7
This leg was rather even in all respects, and Roith takes out 23 with Ovens on 36.
Roith 4-3

leg 8
180 leaves Ovens 84 and Roith is on 244.
Ovens takes the leg
all level 4-4

leg 9
Some members audience members are trying to sing and chant, but is not catching on.
140 from Roith tries to extend the scoring advantage, but Ovens answers with a 140 of his own.
Roith takes the advantage when he hits 100 and Ovens only scores 60.
Roith takes the leg.
Roith 5-4

leg 10
Solid scoring from Roith helps him win the leg and the match.
Roith 6-4

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