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Monday, July 26, 2010

World Cup #Dart Challange

Aug 14 &15th,2010

Canadian Corps #104,4674 Ferguson St,Niagara Falls

$120, 6 Person Team,Singles,Doubles (world cup format,total points)

All members of the team MUST be of the same nationality( from birth) If there's not enough players of your nationality make up a World team of different nationalities. You must be on a team to play in the Singles & Doubles events. Registration closes 1/2hr before start times.

Sat events...11am Singles & Doubles at 3pm round robin to knockout. Round robin to be 3 legs total points. Extra points added for every win in the knockout round,which carry over to other events.

Sun event. 12 start 6 person team..all of same nationality.Country with most points after the final event,Teams, will become the winner.

Payouts... Country with most points 50% of the pot.
The rest will be paid out to the top 4 teams.

Accomodations at The Diplomat Inn, Stanley Ave,Niagara falls

For details contact myself,Paul @.. or 905.371.0207
Mark Comerford at, mcomerford2@.. OR

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