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Saturday, July 24, 2010

#darts PDC Women's World Championships - finals Bromber v. Wright

Bromberg to throw first
Not very strong scoring from either players at this point, but I'm sure that can be put down to nerves. This has to be the biggest and most historic event that either has been a part.
With Wright on 82 Stacy finishes 74; t14, d16

leg 2
Wright seams to be finding her scoring and leave 84,
Bromberg on 60
Wright leaves 26
Bromberg leaves 40
Wright leaves 10
Bromberg leaves 10
Wright takes the leg
all level 1-1

Leg 3
Bromberg holding her scoring advantage so far.
Bromberg 140 leaves 66
Wright leaves 184
Bromberg leaves 40
Wright leaves 139
Bromberg takes the leg
Bromberg 2-1

leg 4
Bromberg 140 to leave 213
Wright on 265
Bromberg leaves 172
Wright 182
Bromberg leaves 88
Wright leaves 60
Bromberg leaves 25
Wright leaves 20
Bromberg leave 8
Wright leaves 20
Bromberg leaves 4
Wright takes the leg
Serious double trouble for both in this one. Bromberg misses a big chance to take a lead.
all level 2-2

leg 5
Wright shooting 122 and leaves 35
bromberg shooting 60 and leave 35
double trouble for these two again.
Wright finds the double first.
Wright 3-2

leg 6
Wright holds her throw and takes the leg
Wright 4-2

leg 7
Bromberg has first dart at a double, but misses it.
Bromberg takes the leg
Wright 4-3

leg 8
With Bromberg on 110, Wright takes out 78; t18, d12
Wright 5-3

leg 9
Bromber holds her throw and takes the leg
Wright 5-4

leg 10
Good scoring by both in this leg.
Bromberg on 170 leaves 48
Wright on 170 leaves 70
Bromberg leaves 40
Wright leaves 20
Bromberg leaves 28
Wright leaves 10
Bromberg takes the leg!
all level 5-5

leg 11
Bromberg has the throw in the 11th and deciding leg
Bromberg shooting 92 for the Championship; t20, s16, d8
Bromberg 6-5

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