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Monday, July 26, 2010

#Darts ace Dave Ladley is facing pro ‘heartbreak’

Darts ace Dave Ladley is facing pro ‘heartbreak’ – Lets try and help him!

Dave Ladley, Darren Johnson and Mark Lawrence

Dave Ladley (middle), fighting to get the help he needs to earn his tour card for 2011

UPDATE: There’s a growing facebook group here – where Dave Holland is organising the appeal for Ladders. Dennis Priestly has kindly donated one of his actual match worn shirts, signed specially – which is being auctioned via the group… and Jamie Caven has also donated a set of his darts with a signed darts case.

I wrote a little while ago about my mate and friend to this site Dave ‘Ladders’ Ladley – he’s shared many funny and informative write-ups of what it’s like to be a pro on the PDC tour.

Well Dave is facing a tough decision… he needs more ranking points in the remaining player championships to ensure he makes the top 96 players in the PDC, so he will get his ‘tour card’ for next year. The tour card is being introduced in 2011 and it will benefit those who qualify, giving them better shots and chances to make money on the tour.

The trouble is that Dave lost his main sponsor through no fault of his own, and now needs a sponsor (or sponsors) to come forward to help him ensure he can play in the remaining qualifiers of 2010, and then hopefully get those couple of places he needs to qualify for the tour card (Dave is 98th in line.. and needs to be at least 96th!).

With 13 events of the darts season still to be played there is still an awful lot of chopping and changing possible in those rankings, so Dave knows he has work to do…

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