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Friday, July 23, 2010

Raymond van Barneveld 14-11 Co Stompe, World Matchplay 7-23-10


leg 21
Stompe holds his advantage to get first look at a double. on 60; s20, miss then last dart is deflect by the dart above the wire, and falls to the floor.
Barney steals the leg against the throw.
Barney 11-10

leg 22
Barney holds his throw to set himself 2 legs clear for the first time in a while in the match.
Barney 12-10

leg 23
Barney misses a chance to steal the leg, and Stompe holds his throw.
Barney 12-11

leg 24
Stompe 180 to leave 135 and maybe steal the leg. Barney holds his throw.
Barney 13-11

leg 25
Stompe 180 to open the leg.
Barney on 82 with Stompe shooting at 66; t14, s12, s6
Barney comes to the line to take the leg.
Barney 14-11

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