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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#darts World Matchplay Round 2 van der Voort 4-6 Wade at the break

leg 6
Strong scoring by both players see Wade get a look at 96 which he takes ou in two darts t20, d18
all level 3-3

leg 7
Both player start the leg slowly until Wade hit 180 to leave 103, and van der Voort hits 133 to leave 126.
Wade hold on to take the leg
Wade 4-3

leg 8
van der Voort starts the leg with a 180, and then can't set up the shot at the double, and gave Wade a look at 96.
Wade steals the leg with s20, d18, d20
Wade 5-3

leg 9
Wade seems to have found his stride, and takes the leg.
Wade 6-3

leg 10
erratic scoring by both in this leg.
van der Voort is able to finish 101 to take the leg.
Wade 6-4

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