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Thursday, July 22, 2010

World Matchplay Round 2 Brown 9-11 Whitlock at the break

#worldmatchplay #darts

leg 15
Whitlock 180 to leave 120. He can't finish it but gets another shot with Brown on 172.
Whitlock takes the leg.
All level 8-8

leg 16
Whitlock takes the leg.
Whitlock 9-8

leg 17
both players avg 93 at this point
the scoring continues to be level for both players
Whitlock takes the leg.
Whitlock 10-8

leg 18
level scoring in the leg gets Brown to the double first.
Brown takes the leg.
Whitlock 10-9

leg 19
Brown tries to take 136; t20, d18 but misses d20.
Whitlock steps to the oche and takes the leg.
Whitlock 11-9

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