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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#darts World Matchplay Round 2 van der Voort 8-12 Wade at the break

leg 16
slow scoring start for both players in the first turn,
Wade manages 140 in his second turn.
180 for van der Voort to leave 69.
van der Voort misses d20, but he gets another turn.
van der Voort takes the leg.
Wade 10-6

leg 17
Double trouble strikes both players again!
Wade finds the d10 and takes the leg.
Wade 11-6

leg 18
van der Voort takes the leg
Wade 11-7

leg 19
Wade is stricken by double trouble again and van der Voort takes the leg.
Wades avg has dropped to 93
Wade 11-8

leg 20
Wade struggles but takes the leg.
Wade 12-8
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