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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anderson 3-6 Caven- final: Euro #Darts Championships

Caven to throw first
Caven 1st 180 of the match to leave 154
Anderson shooting for 170 leaves 92
Caven leaves 10
Anderson leaves 48
Caven leaves 2
Anderson takes the leg against the throw.
Anderson 1-0

leg 2
Anderson hits his 1st 180 of the match
Anderson takes the leg
Anderson 2-0

leg 3
both players start slowly in this leg
Caven has 1st shot a a double, but can't get.
Caven takes it on the next leg.
Anderson 2-1

leg 4
Caven opens the leg with a 180, 2nd turn is a slack throw, but 180 leave 91 and he takes the leg.
All level 2-2

leg 5
Good scoring by Caven.
Caven takes the leg
Caven 3-2

leg 6
Anderson opens hits 180 to leave 238
Anderson is shooting 40, but leaves 10
Anderson leaves 4
Caven leaves 8
Anderson leaves 2
Caven takes the leg
Caven 4-2

leg 7
Strong scoring from Caven.
Anderson hits 180 but it's too late as Caven finishes the 31 on 2 darts.
Caven 5-2

leg 8
Anderson had a chance at a double for the leg, but Caven holds on and takes it.
Caven 6-3

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