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Friday, July 30, 2010

Thorton v. Dudbridge match review round 1 #darts

Thorton to throw first.
He holds his throw to take the leg.
Thornton 1-0

leg 2
Thornton h1ts a 180 to steal the scoring advantage.
Thornton has 3 at d9, but 3rd lands in the d12
Dudbridge takes the leg
all level 1-1

leg 3
Thornton scores well and maintains his scoring advantage.
Thornton gets first shot at the double, and takes the leg.
Thornton 2-1

leg 4
Hot and cold scoring from both players in this leg, but Dudbridge should see the double first.
Dudbridge 8 leaves 2
Thornton 58 leaves 40
Dudbridge takes the leg
all level 2-2

leg 5
Strong scoring by both players in this leg, but a 45 form Thornton gives Dudbridge a chance.
140 by Dudbrideg leaves 98
both players having double trouble, but Thornton finds the d6 to take the leg.
Thornton 3-2

leg 6
With Dudbridge on a 2 dart finish, Thornton takes the leg against the throw with a 88; s20, s18, bull.
Thornton 4-2

leg 7
Thornton on 40 with Dudbridge on 169
On the 3rd dart Thornton hits the d20
Thornton 5-2

leg 8
Dudbridge 140, 100, 100, 97
Thonton with only one 100+ throw.
Dudbridge takes back a leg
Thornton 5-3

leg 9
Thornton 180, 60, 100,
Dudbridge 180, 140, 80 with one dart on the floor.
Dudbridge finishes the 101 and takes back another leg.
Thornton 5-4

leg 10
Dudbridge throwing well, but misses his first shot at the double.
One dart at the double for Thornton, but he leaves 10
Dudbridge can't find the double.
Thornton finds the double with his 3d dart to take the leg and the match.
Thornton 6-4
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