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Saturday, July 24, 2010

#darts 2010 World Matchplay Simi finals James Wade 4-6 Raymond van Barneveld at the break...

leg 6
Wade hits a 140 finish to take another leg.
Wade 4-2

leg 7
Barney on 76, and Wade has a shot at 167 but can't hit it.
Barney takes the leg
Wade 4-3

leg 8
Wade 180, 100, 100 to start
Barney scores a couple 100+'s in answer
both on 121 with Wade shooting at it first. leaves 24
Barney leaves 34
Wade leaves 12
Barney takes the leg
all level 4-4

leg 9
Wade 180 to leave 206, but Barney on 56
Barney takes the leg
Barney 5-4

leg 10
Wade 180 to start the leg and Barney scores well enoough to stay in reach.
Wade has a shot at a double and misses, but Barney comes up to finish 136.
the b8 has been a friend to Barney so far today.
Barney 6-4

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