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Friday, July 30, 2010

#darts Lewis v. Jones match summary

Jones to throw first.
With Lewis on 8, Jones shoot at 88 and shoots t20, s8 for the leg
Jones 1-0

leg 2
Jones at 120 whit lewis on 114
Jones leaves 70
Both players have double trouble, but Lewis takes it.
all Level 1-1

leg 3
Hot and cold scoring by both players in this leg but Jones takes it.
Jones 2-1

leg 4
Jones has first shot at the double but can't get it.
Lewis has a shot at 100, but misses 2 at d20.
Jones finishes 20 by hitting the wrong double d6, d8
Jones 3-1

leg 5
Not the scoring we would expect from Lewis in these legs so far.
Jones takes the leg.
Jones 4-1

leg 6
Levis is holding the scoring advantage so far, and should see the double first.
Lewis needs 125, but leaves 20
Jones leaves 36
Lewis s10, miss, s5 to take the leg.
Jones 4-2

leg 7
Lewis has taken the scoring advantage on Jones' throw.
41 from Lewis leaves 160 and a chance for Jones to catch up.
Lewis leaves 80
Jones leaves 68
Lewis Laves 40
Jones leaves 36
Lewis takes it
Jones 4-3

leg 8
Jones shoots 180 to take scoring advantage, but has not thrown well to follow it up.
Lewis is on 246 and Jones shooting 104.
Jones leaves 32.
Lewis leaves 201
Jones takes the leg.
Jones 5-3

leg 9
Jones starts strong, but erratic darts keeps Lewis close.
Lewis on 199 with Jones taking out 104 for the leg and the match.
Jones 6-3

Lewis never found his form during this match, and did not produce the stellar scoring and finishing we are accustom to seeing from him. We look to see stronger performances from Lewis in the future. Well Done! to Wanye Jones who moves on to the 2nd round.

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