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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#darts World Matchplay Round 2 Barney 11-4 Tabern at the break

leg 11
Barney shooting well and takes the leg
Barney avg 106
Barney 8-3

leg 12
Tarber had a shot at 25 for the leg, but misses 2 at d8.
Barney takes the leg.
Barney 9-3

leg 13
Tabern hits the 180 to leave 121 with Barney on 174.
Tavern on 32, and Barney scores 134, but Taber holds on to take the leg.
Barney 9-4

leg 14
Agv at this point
Tabern 100
Barney 105
Tabenr had one shot at d20, but could not hit it.
Barney takes the leg.
Barney 10-4

leg 15
Barney seems to be in the driver's seat.
Barney 11-4

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