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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#darts World Matchplay Round 2 van der Voort 5-10 Wade at the break

leg 11
Wade is able to rescue the leg due to poor finishing by van der Voort.
Wade 7-4

leg 12
van der Voort just misses the d20 to finish 104.
Wade takes the leg
Wae 8-4

leg 13
van der Voort avg about 97
Wade avg about 98
van der Voort 180 to leave 36.
van der Voort misses 3 at the 36
Wade steals the leg.
Wade 9-4

leg 14
van der Voort has the look of a beaten man at this point, but Wade is not scoring well at the moment. van der Voort has a chance and takes out a 106
Wade 9-5

leg 15
Wade starts the leg with a 180.
van der Voort seems to have lost the desire to win.
Wade on 40 miss, s20, s10
van der Voort can't take it.
Wade misses 3 more.
van der Voort misses 3 more
with 4 left, Wade hits the d2 on his 3rd dart
Wade 10-5

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