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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Round 2 Brown v. Whitlock at the break

#darts #World Matchplay

In his post match interview Taylor states that Whitlock is struggling with a touch of the flu.

Brown to throw first
Brown holds his throw
Brown 1-0

leg 2
Whitlock holds his throw
all level 1-1

leg 3
Whitlock breaks Brown's throw.
Whitlock 2-1

leg 4
Bronw shows some strong scoring and gets the first look at a double.
Brown throws a 13 dart leg to break Whitlock's throw
all level 2-2

leg 5
Whitlock had a shot at 105, but missed the d8
With Brown on 63 Whitlock shoots s8, miss, miss.
Brown steps up to take out 63 for the leg.
Brown 3-2

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