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Thursday, July 22, 2010

#darts World Matchplay Round 2 Klaasen 10-10 Anderson at the break

leg 16
Klaasen to throw first.
inconsistent scoring from both players, and Anderson's throw seems to be labored as if he is expeirencing pain.
Klassen gets first shot at a double, but Anderson takes the leg.
Anderson 9-7

leg 17
Klaasen hits 180 to leave 100.
Klaasen scores 40.
Anderson has a shot at a double, but can't hit it.
Klaasen finishes the leg.
Anderson 9-8

leg 18
League level scoring in this leg from both players.
Anderson looks to be in pain, and Klaasen looks frustrated and disorganized.
Klaasen gets a shot ate a doulble, but can't finish.
Anderson takes the leg.

leg 19
Klaasen finds the range and hits 180, Anderson answers with a 180, Klaasen hits back with a 180.
Klaasen takes the leg with an 11 darter
Anderson 10-9

leg 20
Solid scoring by Klaasen, and Anderson seems to be in pain.
Klaasen takes the leg
all level 10-10

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