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Friday, July 30, 2010

darts Tomas Seyler v Michael van Gerwen match recap

van Gerwen to throw first and takes 13 darts to win the first leg.
van Gerwen 1-0

leg 2
van Gerwen throwing well and should have first look at the double.
but Seyler is able to score well enough to take the leg.
all level 1-1

leg 3
with Seyler on 8 van Gerwen hits the d20 to take the leg.
van Gerwen 2-1

leg 4-7
an erratic computer caused me to miss abit, but we are back with van Gerwen
up 4-2 in the 7th leg but a missed double give seyler a shot at it.
Seyler takes the leg.
van Gerwen 4-3

leg 8
van Gewens threatens to take the scoring advantage until Seyler hits a 180.
On 67 Seyler leaves 16 and van Gerwen takes the leg.
van Gerwen 5-3

leg 9
Seyler scoring well and takes the scoring advantage and should see the first double.
from 161 Syeler leaves 96
Seyler takes the leg
van Gerwen 5-4

let 10
Seyler throwing first and should have a strong chance.
Level scoring to start the leg until van Gerwen scores 180 to leave 222.
van Gerwen controls his own fate her shooting at 87 with Seyler 176, and leaves 32.
Seyler leaves 132.
van Gerwen takes the leg and the match.
van Gerwen 6-4

Seyler had chances in this one, but a few ill timed missed doubles did him in. A few more good scores in the last leg might have given him a chance to continue his comeback, but van Gerwen proved to be too strong.

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