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Friday, July 23, 2010

Kevin Painter 2-13 Phil Taylor, at the break, World Matchplay 7-23-10


leg 11
Painter opens with 180, 125, 100,
Taylor 140, 55, 58,
Painter shoots at 96; t20, d18 for the 11 darter.
Taylor 9-2

leg 12
Avg so far; Taylor 102, Painter 96
Taylor takes the leg.
Taylor 10-2

leg 13
Painter on 95 sees Taylor shooting at 121. Taylor leaves 25.
Painter leaves 25.
both have double trouble, but
Taylor takes the leg
Taylor 11-2

leg 14
Painter hits a 180, but Taylor will stil get the first look at a double.
Taylor takes the leg
Taylor 12-2

leg 15
Taylor takes the leg.
Had thought that this may have been Painter's session for a comeback, but his effort was short lived. He will need to bring something very remarkable to dig himself out of this hole.
Taylor 13-2

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