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Thursday, July 22, 2010

#darts World Matchplay Round 2 Klaasen 6-4 Anderson at the break

leg 6
Klaasen hits his first 180 of the match,
Anderson has a chance to steal the leg, but misses one dart at the double.
Klaasen holds on for the win.
Klaasen 4-2

leg 7-8
Klaasen is charging through these legs, and wins them handily.
Klaasen 6-2

Leg 9
Anderson hits a 180 to set himself up for a look at the double first. With 80 left he shoots d20 miss, miss. Klaasen has a chance to set himself up for last dart at a double, but misses the big number.
Anderson takes the leg.
Klaasen 6-3

Leg 10
Anderson scores strong through out the match to get first look at a double, but Klaasen hits a 140 to pressurize the throw. Anderson is able to his the double and break Klaasen's throw.
Klaasen 6-4
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