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Thursday, July 22, 2010

#darts World Matchplay Round 2 Klaasen 7-8 Anderson at the break

leg 11
Anderson to throw first.
The scoring is not strong in this leg.
116 by Klaasen to get to the double first, but can't finish.
Anderson has 3 at a double, but misses.
Klaasen comes back for another chance and takes it.
Klaasen 7-4

leg 12
Anderson gets first shot at a double, but goes wanting.
Klassen can't finish.
Anderson hits the double first dart.
Klaasen 7-5

leg 13
both players avg. about 90.
Anderson had first shot at a double, but no luck.
Klaasen looking at 160- t20, t20, s20
Anderson takes it on his next turn.
Klaasen 7-6

leg 14
Anderson in position to break Klaasens throw and level the match.
Anderon gets it done.
level 7-7

leg 15
Anderson's scoring is strong in this leg, and Klaasen can't seem to find a triple.
Anderson holds his throw, and takes the lead.
Anderson 8-7

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