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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#darts World Matchplay at the break Someone must win by 2 clear legs

11th leg
Dudbridge seems to be more focused and confident, and takes the leg.
Walsh 6-5

12th leg
Walsh springs back to take the leg.
Now the question is if Walsh can be consistent enough to get enough legs to hold on for the win.
Walsh 7-5

13th leg
Dudbridge had solid darts, and takes the leg
Walsh 7-6

14th leg
Walsh has first look at the double, but could not get it.
Walsh had a second chance for the win, but miss, s20, miss.
Dudbridge wins the leg.
All level 7-7

15th leg
Dudbridge opens the leg with a 180!
Dudbridge finishes 121 to take the leg.
Dudbridge takes the lead 8-7

16th leg
Walsh opens with a 180
Walsh another 180 to leave 81
Walsh on 24
Walsh levels the match 8-8

17th leg
Dudbridge hit the 180 to leave 225
Dudbridge 140 leaves 85
Dudbridge t15 d20
Walsh leads 9-8

18th leg
inconsistent scoring in this leg.
With Dudbridge on 152 Walsh finishes 60 to make it
All level at 9-9

Someone must win by 2 clear legs
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