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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#darts World Matchplay Round 2 Jones 11-9 Baxter at the break

leg 16
Jones takes it.
Jones 9-7

leg 17
Solid scoring by both players, but Jones has been scoring slightly better, and gets first shot at a double and hits it.
Jones 10-7

leg 18
Baxter has a shot at 80 and shoots for the d20, d20 but leaves wanting 40.
Jones misses 3 tries at finishing 32.
Baxter comes back to finish the 40.
Jones 10-8

leg 19
Excellent scoring by both players in this leg, but they have double trouble when going for the leg win. On his 6th dart at a double Baxter wins the leg.
Jones 10-9

leg 20
Good scoring in this leg, and Jones reaches the double first and takes the leg.
Jones 11-9

could this one go beyond 25 legs? It would be fun to watch.
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